why have you been feeling bad lately?

Progression from mild to severe stress, anxiety, depression and just low self-esteem in general… It’s just a low point for me but hopefully it will turn around soon. I’m at the beach with my boyfriend right now so that’s obviously something I’ve been happy about but even so, I managed to still be unhappy for a good portion of the day. It’s just kind of a matter of not having a strong sense of purpose/meaning so I suck the fun out of everything by being depressing, making myself more depressed etc, it’s a vicious cycle that I’m trying to get out of but it’s hard.

i was thinking you seem like you need a pick me up lately and i found your tagged/me and i was like thats my in this girl is so damn cute

Awwwww thank you this is so sweet and yes I have been feeling pretty bad lately so thanks for taking the time to send me nice messages ily!!! I’m sure you are beautiful too

youre hot